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I don't have a specific artist, seeing as I go to both the Cleveland and the Bedford location. I love each artist I've been serviced by. Somehow they can tell you're nervous, just by looking at you, Lol, and will do and say anything to ease the tension! I have a total of 5 piercings, and 8 tattoos, and got them all done at body rev. I got my first tatt there when I turned 18 and I was so scared, but Rick (Cleveland location) made me feel so comfortable! Its hard to pick just ONE artist, they're all the best f**king ppl I've been around – Chrisean Carter


I got my first tattoo here. It turned out amazing. And was not all that expensive. They took care of me and I'm looking to get another one here soon again! – Amanda Potter

I love Body Revolution. Every time I go and get a tattoo or a piercing this is my go to spot. Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to help you and find out what you really want. – Brenda Floyd

You guys did an amazing job restoring my first ever tattoo and made it look better than the original even with the colors I wanted from the start you put emphasis on my boys names and I was proud to post all over Facebook the awesome job that was done. Can't wait to return for my 2nd tattoo here soon. – Debbie Wheeler

​The staff was very friendly and informative. There were around 6 people ahead of me getting piercings but i only had to wait about 15-20 minutes. The shop is very clean and has lots of flash artwork to look at. Definitely coming back. –Marisa Encarnacion

I've been going to the Brunswick location for 10 years now. First piercing done there as well as first tattoo. Wouldn't imagine going any where else –Amanda Hensley

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I've got tattoos and piercings from the Mentor, Bedford and Cleveland locations... every experience I've had was a positive one! My favorite piercings by far are my nipples and tongue done at the Mentor locations.. Everything has healed up properly and most important they always use clean needles and supplies, I would recommend body revs to anyone, especially for piercings!! –Katrusia Fritzky

My friend got some tats & piercings done here a few months ago she loved them guy did a A+ job think when im ready for my tats im goin here for sure –Corey Wilson

Got my first tattoo here today. I walked in with out an appointment and they helped me walk out with a great tattoo that I love for a great price. Great artist and good personality. He was a really nice guy. Great experience. – Kevin Brown

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I went to Body Revolution in Brunswick for the first time today, and it was an excellent experience. My mom and I got eight piercings total, three for her and five for me. I got both tragus, my left cartilage, and my seconds on my lobes. She got her left cartilage and both tragus. He was funny, clean, and really quick. We were in and out in under an hour and the pain was bearable. The atmosphere was great and you watch them clean the materials right in front of you. My piercings look great and will hopefully be less sensitive soon. We will definitely go back for more piercings. –Nichole Santangelo

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I went there with my fiancee and I got a saying from my 7yr old daughter in her hand writing and she got an anchor with a saying. The artist was very cool, down to earth, and would definitely go back. Went to the Elyria location. – Dave Collins